Watford Open Graded Meetings 2017
Woodside Stadium, Horseshoe Lane, Garston,Watford WD25 7HH

With Photo-Finish / Electric Timing

Within 5 mins of M1, M10,M25,A41,A405

All events under UK:Athletics rules

General Information

 Winner of England Athletics East Region Participation Project 2015

Please note the events are provisional.

Entry costs at Wednesday Meetings. 5.00 for one event extra events 2.00 each

We are alway in need of track judges and timekeepers to help out. Reasonable expenses and refreshments provided.

Please be aware of the parking restrictions in Woodside Park as traffic wardens are likely to be present

We do not have use of the local schools for parking this year due to construction of new buildings and we advise athletes to share transport where possible.

There is an overflow car park prior to the main entrance on Horseshoe Lane if you are travelling up from the A405/Garston but we cannot guarantee if there are spaces.

Nearest large car park if the facility car parks are full is the Leavesden Country Park off College road WD5 0NR (approx 1100 metres) which is a continuation of Horseshoe Lane. Please note the Harvester Car Park is now pay and display


Photos by gary mitchell

All Events' Start Times are approximate and may be re-scheduled according to entries on the day.
Hurdles entries are permitted on the day for Sunday Meetings only but not for Wednesday Evening Meetings.
Hurdles and extra Steeplechase events can be included in the Wednesday Evening Meetings if requested
at least 7 days prior to the meeting and there are sufficient pre-entries.
Other field events can be staged if the requestors provide the field judges.
Females may compete with Males in all events. Some middle distance events are Female only.
Under 13s may only compete in those events allowed by UK:Athletics rules.
No 400m nor 3000ms

Under 11s cannot compete at the Wednesday Evening meetings
(they must be 11 by 31st August 2017).

Entries from 5.30pm. There may separate desks for different events
Download On the Day entry forms Word format Download On the Day entry forms PDF format

Please ensure you join the correct queue.

Information on the British Milers Club (BMC) races can be obtained from the British Milers Club web site.


PLEASE NOTE DISCUS, JAVELIN AND HAMMER are currently not included.

Entries online to

https://entries.opentrack.run/2017/watopen12/ 6th September

We will be accepting entries on the day for tis meeting

Parents please do not try and enter U13s in 400m races as this is not allowed under UK:A rules
nor Under 11s in any event.

Please note parking restrictions at the top of the page

Please note time restrictions on 800m, 1500m and 3000m in May, Jun, Jul and Aug

Only athletes with a valid EA registration will be accepted.
The exception is Under 13 athletes who must give DOB and address.

Provisional Timetable UPDATED

Wed 5th Apr RESULTS Wed 19th Apr RESULTS Wed 3rd May RESULTS Wed 17th May RESULTS
7.00pm       100m
7.20pm      1 mile
8.20pm       200m
8.50pm      3000m

7.45pm      Long Jump
7.00pm        200m
7.30pm        400m no U13s
8.00pm        800m
9.00pm       3000m
7.15pm       High Jump
7.00pm       100m
7.30pm       BMC    
8.05pm       1500m
                   No times please
                   over 5m 30s 9.15pm       3000m
No times please
                  over 11m00s

7.15pm        Triple Jump
7.00pm      400m No U13s
7.30pm      200m
8.00pm       800m
                  No times please
                  over 2m 45s
7.15pm      PV UP TO 3.5m
POSTPONE to 31st May
Wed 31st May RESULTS Wed 14th Jun RESULTS Wed 28th Jun RESULTS Wed 12th Jul RESULTS
7.00pm     100m
7.30pm     1500m
                   No times please
                   over 5m 30s 9.15pm     3000m
No times please
                  over 11m 00s

7.15pm      PV from 3.5m
6.50pm      200m
7.20pm      BMC
8.10pm      800m
                   No times please
                   over 2m 45s

7.15pm      Shot
7.00pm      100m
7.30pm      1500m
                   No times please
                   over 5m 30s
9.15pm      3000m
No times please
                  over 11m 00s

7.15pm      Long Jump
7.00pm      400m no U13s
7.30pm      BMC
8.05pm      800m
                  No times please
                  over 2m 45s
7.15pm     High Jump
Wed 26th Jul RESULTS Wed 9th Aug RESULTS

Wed 23rd Aug RESULTS

Wed 6th Sep RESULTS
7.00pm      200m
7.30pm      1500m
                   No times please
                   over 5m 30s

9.15pm      3000m
No times please
                  over 11m 00s
7.15pm      Triple Jump
7.00pm     100m
7.30pm     BMC
8.05pm     800m
                  No times please
                  over 2m 45s
7.15pm    Shot
Please note Weather Warning
7.00pm      400m No U13s
7.30pm      1500m 
                   No times please
                   over 5m 30s
9.15pm      3000m
No times please
                  over 11m 00s

7.15pm      Long Jump
7.00pm      200m
7.30pm      100m
8.00pm      800m
9.15pm     3000m

7.15pm     High Jump

The Sunday Minors Meetings are as follows

Sun  9th April Early Season Minors Meeting RESULTS
10am-1pm       Under 7s,U9s,U11s &U13s Any three events from hurdles, sprints, MD, long jump, cricket ball , shot

Sun 11th June Mid Season Minors Meeting RESULTS
10am-1pm       Under 7s,U9s,U11s &U13s Any three events from hurdles, sprints, MD, long jump, cricket ball, shot

Sun 10th Sep  End  Season Minors Meeting
10am-1pm       Under 7s,U9s,U11s &U13s Any three events from hurdles, sprints, MD, long jump, cricket ball, shot